Professional Statement

I watched and I listened. I applied my attention, my intelligence and my talent to every case. I continue to learn from each experience and continue to develop my skills.

After graduating Rutgers College in 1972 with a degree in economics, I moved from New Jersey to pursue an advanced degree in Communication Research at Boston University. Upon obtaining my Masters Degree and determined to stay in Boston, I entered the world of business as a market analyst with The Gillette Company. While working at Gillette I enrolled as a night student at The New England School of Law in downtown Boston. Four years later, upon obtaining my law degree and being sworn into the Massachusetts Bar, I left marketing and made my initial entrance into the Boston legal community by seeking criminal court appointments in many of the local courts. I immediately found myself loving my work, gaining an affection for the people I was helping, and noting the unusual level of my continually increasing successes. I represented literally thousands of inner-city and other persons in the defense of every conceivable crime under an extraordinary array of circumstances. I attempted to treat every person honestly and with the best representation that my skills afforded. I was especially gratified by the reception I received from my clients, their friends and families, and from the court personnel who quickly grew to appreciate my abilities.

While attempting to build a practice, I was soon approached by a prominent criminal defense attorney who had seen me in court. I was quickly introduced to more sophisticated matters, and became engaged in higher profile criminal cases in The Massachusetts Superior Court as well as The United States District Court. Over time, various court personnel - from court officers to clerks - began to ask me to perform legal services for them, their families, their friends and associates. My practice expanded to include domestic matters and personal injury law along with other types of cases familiar to general practice. Not only have I assembled an impressive record of out-of-court settlements, but I have successfully tried hundreds of cases - many to juries - in the District, Superior and Federal Courts.

Over the course of my career, I have developed a skill set that complements my intelligence, my talent and my passion for the truth. I am determined to act with integrity, to be honest and fair in my pursuit of the best results-oriented, cost-effective legal representation providable.

Here's what you can expect from me as a client:

  • You will benefit from my straight talk, insight, common sense and decisive manner.
  • I will always be mindful of your vulnerability, and the stress and financial drain that can accompany legal proceedings.
  • Together, we will assess your goals and I will honestly and candidly convey expectations and costs.
  • I always return phone calls . You will be able to communicate with me whenever you have a question.
  • No one wins every case. I will never tell you that I can win, or that I can have you exonerated, unless I honestly believe I can.
  • While I have an extraordinary percentage of victories, I will always be mindful of, and attempt to minimize, your exposure.
  • I possess uncommon common sense and well-honed people skills, and am as adept at negotiation as I am in court.
  • I have prevailed over some of the most well known lawyers and seasoned prosecutors in the Commonwealth and have an impressive resume of victories and other highly advantageous results.
  • I will always tell you the truth.


  • Rutgers College, New Brunswick, New Jersey: Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 1972. Dean’s List.
  • Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts: Master of Science in Communication Research (Statistical Analysis), 1973. Graduated First in Class, 4.0 G.P.A.
  • New England School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts: Juris Doctor (evening program), 1978.

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