For over thirty-five years, David Sokol has obtained exceptional results in a variety of compelling, interesting, and sometimes just lucrative matters in which he has applied the same intelligence, insight, skill and talent to Injury and other legal matters.


David Sokol has been extraordinarily successful Arbitrating, Mediating, Settling and Litigating personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases for a wide variety of clients. He has prevailed in countless claims for damages and awards of compensation, from minor motor vehicle accidents to more serious claims including paraplegia and death, and has collected millions of dollars for persons injured by:

  • Burns, Slip and Fall and others
  • Car, Truck and other Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Dangerous Home, Building or Property Conditions
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Products Liability and Workplace Hazards


For thirty-five years, David Sokol has served as counsel to diverse individuals, their businesses, corporations and limited liability companies. Through his network of legal, business, and other professional contacts, he is well positioned to address your business' legal requirements.


David Sokol has efficiently and professionally represented his clients as buyers, sellers and landlords in hundreds of matters concerning the financing, purchase, sale and occupancy of buildings, businesses and other property.


David Sokol has delivered the same outstanding results to clients across a spectrum of legal matters including wrongful arrest, defamation and media libel, assaults, wills and will contests, shareholder derivative suits, wrongful employment practices, sexual abuse and others.

Clients have come to me with an array of interesting, compelling, and sometimes just potentially lucrative legal matters. After evaluation, if I determine the matter outside the scope of my interest or ability, I can refer your case to a competent, trustworthy colleague. If I take your case, I will afford your matter the same degree of skill and talent that I have consistently provided for over thirty-five years.

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