A results-oriented legal approach in a skilled, understanding, and trustworthy family counselor.

Both men and women have come to enjoy the security of knowing that David Sokol understands their domestic problem and that he will know what to do about it.

David Sokol is highly experienced in representing individuals in Domestic, Divorce, and Family Law matters - both simple and complex - including:

  • Alimony, Spousal and Child Support
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Gay, Lesbian, and Same-Sex Matters
  • Intra-Family Sexual Assault
  • Prenuptial Agreements and Modifications of Judgments
  • Property Settlements, Division of Assets, and Business Evaluation
  • Protection of Inheritances and Retirement Investments
  • Restraining Orders and Spousal Abuse

Assertive yet empathetic, David Sokol has built a reputation not only as a highly effective courtroom lawyer but also as an insightful counselor to both men and women in what is often the most disturbing episode of their lives. He combines a genuine compassion for his clients with a common sense approach - honed over time and across a wide range of experiences - into an unshakable courtroom presence, ensuring that the concerns of every client will be honestly and advantageously addressed. He has counseled and represented wealthy businesspeople and professionals, a myriad of middle-class people, and various state and court personnel. He has obtained advantageous treatment for his clients in disputes where many millions of dollars were at stake and where business interests, trusts, inheritances and other investments required sophisticated valuation. He has an array of experience in domestic violence matters involving claims including false claims - of intra-family sexual assault and/or other misconduct.

Attorney Sokol represents individuals in simple as well as complex divorce and other domestic matters where child custody, visitation, and other parental rights are at stake. He can ably provide prenuptial legal counselling leading to an asset-protecting agreement and is adept at handling post-judgment modification, restraining orders, and contempt proceedings.

As a lawyer and a person, David Sokol understands the devastating emotional and financial effect that terminating a relationship can have. Having represented hundreds of men and women - including same-sex spouses - in a multitude of family issues, he skillfully combines sensitive counseling with tenacious negotiation and a forceful courtroom presence.

I will listen to you and offer you my very best legal representation and my honest counsel. Together, we will formulate a goal for an advantageous determination of your very personal domestic issue.

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