Experienced and talented, David Sokol has a thirty-five-year record of successes in complex and sophisticated legal matters.

Intelligent and skilled, David Sokol has compiled an impressive array of uncommon results for a wide range of individuals in a wide range of circumstances.

His reputation for straight talk, common sense and integrity is well appreciated by judges, lawyers, and his clients alike.


From thorny child custody, alimony and financial support issues to division of property and domestic violence; from multi-million-dollar incomes, substantial wealth, and business valuation to working people, child support and educational expense; from prenuptial agreements to same-sex couples, David Sokol has provided insightful and valuable domestic legal counsel resulting in a long list of uncommonly satisfied clients. His practical sense and straightforward approach combine with his vast experience and venerable court presence to inspire confidence in his clients and elicit respect from his peers.
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From bank fraud and white collar crime to crimes of violence, sexual assault, and drug and controlled substance offenses, David Sokol's experienced and talented court presence has resulted in a thirty-five-year string of successful criminal defenses that few lawyers can match.
From motor vehicle violations and drunk driving (OUI) to vehicular homicide; from theft and embezzlement to domestic assault, his insight and experience have provided valuable legal counsel across thousands of misdemeanor and felony prosecutions in trials and negotiated pleas in cases before Judges and Juries of the District, Superior, and Federal Courts.
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From injuries sustained in car accidents to injuries resulting in paraplegia in a multi-million-dollar product liability accident; from medical malpractice and wrongful death to burns and other negligently caused injuries, David Sokol has amassed a history of lucrative settlements and awards for hundreds of injured people.
For over thirty-five years, Attorney Sokol has consistently obtained the same winning results in interesting, compelling or lucrative matters including awards for wrongful arrest, defamation, assault, civil rights violations, employment discrimination, sexual harassment and more.
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In my experience, every client brings their own unique circumstance to a legal matter . I will use all of my talent, skill, and experience to obtain the best result possible every time, for every client, as I always have. I evaluate each new matter to determine its potential merit or my client’s particular vulnerability. Every client will know what to expect from my representation. I am sympathetic to the emotional and financial toll that accompanies legal matters and will promise you my good faith and effort to resolve your matter in a professional, compassionate and cost-effective manner.

Attorney Sokol takes pride in having successfully handled a number of high-profile, complex, and controversial matters and for having prevailed over some of the most well known lawyers and law firms in the Boston legal community.

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